Translation is manual. There’s no way around it – you need to convert the text of one language into another by translating the words. Whether you use a translation software or not, it’s going to take some time. Globalization is a great ideal for the translation industry but the lack of instantaneous output is a bit of an issue.

Pretty cool, huh?

Pretty cool, huh?

There is good news, though, as Microsoft is looking to solve the lack of automation in translation with it’s newest add-on to Skype, known as Skype Translator. The program is simple – you’re engaged in a video call and speak normally, and your speech text is translated by the system and played for the person on the other end. Say hello and they hear bonjour.

Simply put, Skype Translator is a pretty big deal. With as small as the world has become, many people find themselves far away and looking to interact with their family back home – family that may not speak the same language as you do but still wants to set up a video call. Skype Translator solves that issue.

Are you looking to meet with a potential client from another country? Well, now the language barrier no longer exists.

The best part of the new program is really the program itself. Skype Translator continues to grow and improve the more people use it as each statement or sound bite from either side is stored in Skype’s database and is used to find the best translation for that conversation and further communication using the same languages.

Have a look at how the Skype Translator platform works, from the team behind the technology:


Without a doubt, the Skype Translator is far from perfect, but the innovation behind the project is excellent and will definitely help boost the push towards more optimized translation and an even smaller world of business.

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