• Translations
    Our specialty is English-Hebrew-English translations for legal, business and financial documents, specifically – but not limited to – documents such as pleadings, contracts, financial statements, marketing documents and business plans, proposals, legislation, and prospectuses.
    LinguistIt provides comprehensive language and localization services for all legal documents, whether for court cases, mediation processes, contracts, business transactions, or immigration purposes.
    We maintain a network of skilled business associates who provide translations to and from other languages as well, including Spanish, French, and Russian.

  • Localization
    The legal systems of different countries can vary greatly – including culture or legislature-specific terminology, concepts, and nomenclature. Source texts are representative of the legal system and culture of the country in which they are written – but the translator’s job is to ensure that the target text gets an identical message across using the terms and concepts of the target language’s country.
    LinguistIt’s team is comprised of translators who specialize in doing just this.
    Our team members have extensive knowledge of the legal systems in several countries, including, of course, the Israeli law system.
    Indeed, documents other than legal frequently require localization. Our team can provide you with a translation of your text that will have a genuine and organic feel, while retaining the intent of the author.
    Our services will always include any necessary clarifications, ensuring that your source text and target text mirror each other flawlessly.

  • Certified Translations
    In many instances, legal translations require certifications. Translated documents to be presented in court or for litigation purposes, as well as those needed for contracts, are all frequently needed as certified translations. In addition, in Israel, there are many documents needed for immigration purposes with the same requirements.
    LinguistIt understands this need and provides certified translations as well.
    Documents that may be required as certified translations include birth certificates, marriage licenses, academic transcripts, driver’s licenses, and more.

  • Proofreading and Editing
    Our team of experienced writers and editors will perfect your documents, providing you with accurate, properly edited and formatted final versions that you can use with confidence.

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