Adv. Sarah Dray unnamed
Our CEO and Founder

After moving to Israel from the United States in 2008, Sarah studied law while simultaneously immersing herself in the field of legal translation. She received an LLB from Bar-Ilan University, where she was an editor of the prestigious Journal of Law, Religion and Science. During her time at Bar-Ilan University, Sarah also volunteered for the Clinic to Advance Rights of People with Disabilities, where she developed her skills in drafting legal documents and gained her first hands-on experience in Israeli law. In addition to her training in Israel, she has expertise in American Law and served as law clerk at the Supreme Court of New York. Both as law student and then after receiving her LLB, she performed her mandated internship at E.S. Shimron, I. Molho, Persky & Co., one of Israel’s largest and most celebrated corporate law firms.

Her high-level legal experience in both Israel and the United States, paired with years of experience in translation, gives her a unique set of tools that allows her to oversee a company that is guided by her rigorous standards, ensuring that all legal translations between Hebrew and English are both accurate in substance and have the natural fluidity of native speakers.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Sarah is a member of the Israel Bar Association. In addition to English and Hebrew, Sarah also speaks French and Spanish.

 Lee-at Maskowitz

Lee-at has always had a passion for language and the written word. Growing up in America, her first language was English, which she relished – reading anything she could get her hands on and writing whenever she had the chance. She was grateful to have the opportunity to move to Israel after high school and delve into the world of Hebrew. She immersed herself in her studies, volunteer work and social interactions, thus developing a greater appreciation for her second language. She holds degrees in Administrative Education, Bible Studies and Teaching.

Lee-at has many years of work experience writing, editing, and translating as well as teaching in formal and informal education settings. She has a strong background in management and extensive experience in the non-profit sector. She strives to bring creativity and an artistic editing eye to everything she does.

Lee-at enjoys sharing her passion for the nuances of Hebrew and English every day through her work. Her efficiency, organization, management skills, as well as personalized attention to clients and projects, help to ensure that all LinguistIt clients receive excellent legal translations and service.