At LinguistIt Translations, it is our mission to provide the highest-quality Hebrew and English translations for financial, legal, and business documents while working with our clients to ensure that their deadlines and preferences are consistently met. It is an ambitious goal, but it is a focused one, and this vision guides our corporate decisions. From the team we assemble, to the software we use, the process that each project undergoes, the communities of practice we are part of, and our steadfast commitment to our team’s continuing education, our vision remains at the forefront throughout.

legal-translationFor example, every legal document that we process – be it a routine form or a complex pleading – is translated, proofread, and edited by experienced translators who are also licensed attorneys. Moreover, we continue to expand our team by adding more full-time attorneys with translation experience. As one can imagine, this is more difficult than relying on anonymous freelancers as done by many large translation agencies. But we do so because the best Hebrew and English legal translation can only be accomplished by a team of seasoned translators with the legal knowledge needed to ensure the clarity, quality, and accuracy of the translation.

Likewise, while we are able to service other language combinations as well, we focus our energy on Hebrew and English translations because we believe in the importance of native proficiency and refuse to accept a job unless we are certain that we can execute it perfectly. We do not advertise every possible language combination, but we guarantee that when we say we can do the job, we are saying that it will be done right the first time.

Most of all, this vision stems from our recognition that LinguistIt is not just part of the Language Service industry but must strive to be part of the legal community as well. Our blog is going to be evolving to meet that vision. Therefore, over the upcoming weeks and months, we will continue to use the blog as means to examine elements of translation and legal translation. While doing so, we will also be expanding it to cover topics of interest in the English and Hebrew speaking legal communities. This reflects our firm belief that LinguistIt is not only a translation service but a member of the constellation of the larger Israeli legal community.

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