I am going to do something unpopular on corporate blogs. I’m not going to beat around the bush. I am going to tell you why I know that LinguistIt offers something entirely new and yes better to the world of Israeli legal translation and why I am confident that you, your clients and your firm will gain qualitatively by LinguistIt for all your legal translation needs.

1. LinguistIt only uses Lawyer-Linguists to Translate Legal Documents

It is essential that translators understand the content of their translations. This is doubly true for sensitive legal documents, which require precision and are susceptible to small mistakes, which can be extremely costly. Lawyers have studied law in school, interned,  practice and keep up to date with the trends. So they are justifiably cautious when avoiding use of “legal translators” whose qualifications involve no more than calling themselves “legal translators.”

LinguistIt is unique in that it is founded by an Israel Bar Association certified lawyer who developed an expertise in translation. We have a growing team of in-house lawyer-linguists and ensure that every document that we translate is handled, translated, proofread and edited by our translator-attorneys.


2. LinguistIt Cuts Out the Agency Middlemen    

When Israeli law firms seek out translation work, they often turn to large translation agencies who in-turn then hand the translations off to freelancers while taking a cut of the profit. LinguistIt continues to grow a team of in-house lawyer-linguists and trusted partners in order to meet the needs of our clients without turning to agency middlemen. This gives us the unique ability to guarantee the quality and legal accuracy of the translation, while at the same time keeping rates competitive.

3. LinguistIt’s Lawyers Understand What Lawyers Need 

LinguistIt is able to put our clients face to face with our lawyer-linguists and cater to their particular needs and deadlines. The LinguistIt team is comprised of lawyers who also understand the particular stresses and demands of the legal world in general and the Israeli legal community in particular.

We understand the hassles of ill-formatted, incorrect or sloppy translations, and the cost our clients pay for them in time and aggravation. In turn, we guarantee that our work will always meet expectations because it is our team that does the work with care, expertise, attention to detail and a rigorous proofreading process.

4. On-Time, Every Time

LinguistIt uses its consistent team of in-house lawyer-linguists to guarantee that we meet our clients’ timetables. We routinely field complicated translation work for large firms, major corporations as well as individuals and small businesses and meet even their most urgent deadlines.

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LinguistIt Legal and Business Translations is a boutique legal translation firm that utilizes in-house lawyer-linguists, cutting out the agency middlemen, in order to provide the highest quality translations of legal and business documents with a commitment to customer service. We are proud to expertly serve clients ranging from leading Israeli law firms to start-ups and small businesses. Check us out on our website and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin for daily updates on the worlds of legal translation, international and Israeli law.

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